Anonymous Disse: How will you name him?;)

I don’t know, we’re waiting to see his face to choose the name!

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Anonymous Disse: Hey Amanda :) I want to ask you , if someone can visit you and living with you for a little period ( 2-3 months maybe? ) . How is your live? Thanks for your time!

Yess! We love to receive friends <3

Now we are expecting our baby and making plans, we don’t know what we will do in the coming months, but as soon as we are stabilized we can receive visits! :)

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Anonymous Disse: Are you waiting for a boy or a girl?

It’s a boy! :)

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Anonymous Disse: You are a great inspiration for me, thank you!

It makes me feel so happy and accomplished <333

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isabelezamaro Disse: Ai Amanda, acho que eu te amo <3 Você é meu exemplo <3

Bendito Amor!!! Recíproco irmã

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autumn-leaves-inside Disse: De verdade, amei seu tumblr, sua descrição, seus posts, tudo *----* Eu fiquei curiosa, vc segue alguma religião?

Minha religião é o Amor incondicional…
Eu me encontrei na conexão com a natureza, na sabedoria ancestral, na meditação, nas palavras do Osho, de Buda, de Jesus, de tantos outros mestres, mas principalmente na sabedoria de que somos UM com o universo, que tudo é perfeito como é, aqui e agora, tudo flui nessa entrega total…

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Anonymous Disse: Have you ever done psychedelics? and have you ever been with the spirit of ayahuasca? much love

I never used anything synthetic.
I've been in many shamanic ceremonies with ayahuasca. I believe it’s a sacred medicine and I have much respect and gratitude for all she teaches me.

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Anonymous Disse: Where do you buy your clothes??? you are a fairy


I shop at thrift stores or buy fabric and make it myself, I love to create and sew… I also do many other crafts… when I have free time I want to open a shop!

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Anonymous Disse: Is your husband from Brazil?

Yes! We’re from Brazil! :)

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Anonymous Disse: what's on your tattoo?

"Half of me is love…
And the other half too”

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Anonymous Disse: How do you feel about the world cup in brasil ?

I’ve been away from it all. I hate football. Im against governments. I’m against the capitalist system. I’m walking in the opposite direction to create a world in peace and love.

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alohaless Disse: Totalmente apaixonada pela foto que tu postou c o cavalo!!!! <3

Foi um momento muito mágico mesmo, a natureza é maravilhosa, temos muito que aprender com os animais! <3

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Anonymous Disse: Can't wait to seeing your baby!<3

Me too!!! The last weeks seem to last forever…

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Anonymous Disse: How did you meet your husband? And is this your first child? :)

Yes! This is our first baby…
Believe or not, we met on the internet, we were 750 miles away from each other
, we recognize ourselves as soulmates immediately and decided to get married. This was in 2012 and we are in eternal honeymoon

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paz-us Disse: Queee vibeee vc apaixonada !!, tuaa alma é muito iluminada,vc ta muito lindaa grávida ! Ja escolheu o nome do bebê? beijao e paz p ti

Gratidão flor! <3

Ainda não, estamos esperando ele nascer pra escolher o nome…

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