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Anonymous Disse: hi, I saw that you were looking for more natural hair care. I used apple cider vinegar and the results were amazinnggg! I wanted to cry, my hair was so soft and detangled and it wasnt too flat or too frizzy. it felt thicker and even longer !

thanks for the advice!  I've heard a few times about it but never tried, I have apple cider vinegar here so I’ll try the next time I wash my hair!

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Anonymous Disse: Are you planning on having anymore babies! X

Yesss absolutely! We want many children! <3
But I’ll only get pregnant again after stop breastfeeding and my baby get a little independent, of course. Maybe in two or three years, idk

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Anonymous Disse: What is your baby's name? :)

His name is Hariom. My sister had channeled this name and we decided seven days after birth! I posted here the name meaning.

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Anonymous Disse: Can anyone join your community? I live in Scotland I am very confused and anxious about life.. I am just about to leave school and have no clue what to do.., you environment seems very special and nurturing

For now we are renting a house on a farm with other friends so we have to go out here, but soon we will start our super community project and anyone is welcome to help! <3

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brancaptivo Disse: I saw you telling a girl that she could help and come live in your village... is this an open invitation? That sounds so beautiful and so ideal to me. I would love to work and live in such an amazing place..

Yes, for sure! It’s a universal project, everyone will be able to come and help. We want to create a large base ecovillage and then continue building ecovillages in more cities, and expand to the rest of the world. It’s really a big project, we are still working on ideas, but we hope to put into practice these next years!

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playswithprettydeadthings Disse: Your hair is gorgeous, how do you care for it?

Thank you! I have too much hair and very thick, so I have a lot of work untangling my hair every day… I have 18 dreads under my hair which greatly facilitates the care. At the moment I'm using the Weleda Calendula Baby Soap because that’s what I have now, but I’m looking for a good natural cosmetics for hair…

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Everyone wants to know the name of our son so I’ll share with you…



‘Hari’ is ‘the remover’. When one remembers His name and then repeats it, sins, karmas and bad astrological effects are steadily erased. Pain and suffering are removed. ‘Om’ is the primordial cosmic vibration from which sprang the entire cosmos and all creation. The most famous mantra is ‘Hari Om’. It’s essential meaning is that Hari is Om. ‘Hari Om’ is a universal mantra that removes suffering. This mantra contains within itself the cosmic vibration. Through Hari Om meditation, prana moves from one energy centre to the other.

 ‘Hari Om’ is a very ancient mantra from the Vedas. ‘Hari’ represents the manifest universe and life. ‘Om’ represents the unmanifest and absolute reality. By the word ‘reality’, I mean total existence. You may even use the word God. Reality, existence, God, Brahman, the absolute are all synonymous terms pointing to one being, but they do not really define it.

This reality has two stages. One is the absolute, the other is manifest. This gross universe, the millions of suns, moons and stars, space, that which is beyond it and beyond this little earth, as far as we can go, are all manifestations of that reality, not a creation of reality. There is a difference between the process of creation and manifestation. You take cotton and make yarn from it, and then a shirt. The cotton has become the shirt, it has not created the shirt. The cotton has transformed itself into a shirt. In the same way, there is a great invisible force. Nobody can see it and nobody has seen it, except for a few people who we call avataras.

The manifest reality, this world, is represented by the mantra ‘Hari’. ‘Om’ is the unmanifest reality, the unseen, invisible, uncreated aspect of the absolute. So, ‘Hari Om Tat Sat’ means ‘That is Truth’. That which I see with my eyes and that which is beyond my eyes are both the same, not different. The creator and the creation are not two. The creator has not created creation, but has manifested or transformed himself into creation. All these truths are represented in the mantra ‘Hari Om Tat Sat’. When I say ‘Hari Om Tat Sat’, it reminds me that the seen and the unseen, are both one.


▶ Hari Om (HD) - YouTube

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